January 30, 2024

RELEASE: VIDEO: Auchincloss Lambasts Mike Pompeo in China Hearing


RELEASE: VIDEO: Auchincloss Lambasts Mike Pompeo in China Hearing 


Washington DC, - Today, Congressman Jake Auchincloss (D, MA-04) lambasted former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a meeting of the Select Committee on China. Auchincloss criticized Pompeo for describing January 6th as a “peaceful transition of power.”  Pompeo then failed to confirm to Auchincloss that he believed President Biden was elected in a “free and fair” election. In another exchange, Auchincloss pushed back - to the frustration of the majority - on Pompeo continuing to peddle the false notion that former President Donald Trump engaged in a peaceful transfer of power. The full exchange can be found below. 


WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J2XjvDauL0 


FULL TRANSCRIPT (Remarks As Delivered):


“Thank you Mr. Chairman. This hearing is an important opportunity to highlight the dangers of authoritarianism - not just abroad, but also the threats we face at home. 


“In your testimony, Mr. Pompeo, you cite a lack of decency and respect for vital institutions in our own culture as a troubling sign for our nation’s future – that a nation and society intent on despising and destroying itself will not prevail. 


“It’s a worthy message undercut by the record of its messenger. 


 “A messenger who cited the insurrection  that occurred here on January 6th as , quote, an example of a ‘peaceful transition’ of power.


“January 6, 2021, was Xi Jinping's best day in office. When the United States degrades its own democracy on the world stage for people all over to witness, it undermines our ability to lead and the power of our example.


“What kind of example are we setting when former administrations take the side of dictators? What kind of example are we setting when your former boss, the likely presidential nominee of your party, is promising to be a dictator?


“Mr. Pompeo, you write that quote,  ‘Regimes in Moscow, Tehran, Pyongyang, and Caracas all owe their continued existence to the Chinese Communist Party.’


“You omit that, prior to his invasion of Ukraine, you described Putin as quote,  ‘very capable,’  end quote, and said you had ‘enormous respect for him.’


“Also missing from your remarks: these regimes also have an ally in Donald Trump. 


“Just this month, Donald Trump praised Kim Jong Un at a rally in New Hampshire, referring to him as a ‘tough, smart guy.’


“While in office, he considered meeting with Maduro and second-guessed his own administration’s recognition of Guaidó as Venezuela's legitimate president. 


“He rejected his own intelligence agencies - including the CIA, which you were the Director of at the time - on the world stage during the shameful Helsinki summit and denied the evidence that Moscow interfered in our elections.


“On one thing we do agree. Our democracy is stronger when we invest in and celebrate our free society. We have the tools to outcompete autocracies at home and abroad — but it’s not just, as you say, a ’strong military and a strong economy’, as you write, Mr. Pompeo — it is also a strong democracy. 


“Secretary Panetta, you make this clear in your remarks: ‘The greatest threat to national security is if we fail to govern our democracy.’ I agree with you.


“But, Mr. Pompeo, this cannot happen if we defy reality and rewrite history for political expediency.


“So now, on behalf of your call for respect for vital institutions, will you here attest, now that you are under oath, that Joe Biden was duly elected in a free & fair election? 




“With the witness unwilling to respond to the question I am going to assume that his answer is no. 


“Mr. Panetta, if a Republican were to win in November, would you recognize that individual as the duly elected president of the United States? 


“Of course. 


‘Of course’ is the right answer.  


“I yield back.”?


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