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February 2023
Spy balloon a 'deeply unimpressive display' of CCP's power: Rep. Jake Auchincloss
Auchincloss Appointed to Select Committee on China
The Future of Politics: Hear ChatGPT’s Groundbreaking Speech Written by Artificial Intelligence
January 2023
Rep. Auchincloss Reads Speech Generated by AI
MA Representative Jake Auchincloss & Donut Troubles
Lieu, Auchincloss boldly go where AI so far has not: the House
US Congressman Reads ChatGPT-Generated Speech On House Floor
US Politician Has ChatGPT Write His Speech
This Speech Read on the House Floor Was Generated by ChatGPT
“There were probably about a dozen of my colleagues on the floor. I bet none of them knew it was written by a computer.”
Rep. Jake Auchincloss uses ChatGPT artificial intelligence to write House speech
Watch Boston-Area Congressman Use ChatGPT AI for House Floor Speech to Prove ‘This Is a Tool, Not a Master’ (Video)
Mass. Congressman Jake Auchincloss gives speech written by artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT
Congressman gives speech written by AI
Rep. Jake Auchincloss Reads U.S. House Floor Speech Written By ChatGPT
ChatGPT goes to Washington: Auchincloss delivers AI-written speech on House floor
Jake Auchincloss did something historic on the House floor: He delivered a speech written entirely by AI.
Massachusetts lawmaker asked ChatGPT to write his floor speech
Auchincloss on what's next for new speaker Kevin McCarthy
Rep. Jake Auchincloss calls House GOP Speaker battle a ‘near fist-fight’
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