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Community Project Funding Requests

Homeland Security

Project: North Attleborough’s Ten-Mile River Dredging Project to Mitigate Flooding

Amount of Request: $1,500,000

Project sponsor: Town of North Attleborough

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: 49 Whiting Street, North Attleborough, MA 02760

Project description: This project intends to dredge the entire 9,200-foot length between Whiting’s Pond and Falls Pond, includes two State maintained culverts, re-establish two small overflow ponds and repair stone walls. The Town has prioritized this issue in the Town’s approved Hazard Mitigation Plan and this mitigation project is the greatest priority in the Town’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan. The overall goal of this project is to restore the riverway’s capacity and abate systematic flooding in the downtown area that has caused repetitive damage and safety issues as both the Fire and Police Departments are adjacent to the River and could be delayed due to flooding that makes main roads impassable.

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Project: Somerset Emergency Dam Improvements

Amount of Request: $1,130,000

Project sponsor: Town of Somerset Water Department

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: 3249 County Street, Somerset, MA 02726

Project description: The Somerset reservoir dam was created in 1964, and is the primary source of drinking water for the town. The anticipated approach will be to provide greater capacity to accommodate larger storm events up to an including the ½ Probable Maximum Flood including raising the level of the dam crest to prevent overtopping during the SDF event. Per the Flood Control and Improvements to the Somerset Reservoir Dam study, it was found that raising the dam to El. 60 was sufficient to prevent overtopping during the SDF event with 0.0 feet of freeboard reaming at the dam. This correlates to 1.8 feet above the design top of dam (El. 58.2) and between 0.4 and 2.0 feet above the current / as-built top of dam (El. 52.0 – 59.6). If 0.2 feet water over topped the dam, this event would lead to erosion and dam failure and should flow runs along the toe of the dam causing erosion and destabilization of the dam. The proposed dam enhancements incorporate nature-based solutions. The enhancements will be designed to work with storm flow and better control and diffuse flow. Utilizing sod and stone to stabilize the earthen structures and require only annual mowing to maintain, similar to that which is currently utilized for the existing dam.

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Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

Project: Medway Water System Improvements

Amount of Request: $2,750,000

Project sponsor: Town of Medway

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: 19 Populatic Street, Medway, MA 02053

Project description: The Town of Medway needs a centralized water treatment facility to provide adequate quantity for both drinking water needs and fire protection, to improve the quality of our water, which is high in manganese and iron and to plan for PFAS removal, to protect our community’s health and infrastructure, and to improve the distribution system, which has extremely outdated piping. Medway is not able to pump sufficient water for peak demand and is very vulnerable in an emergency situation (e.g. most productive well shuts down). There are serious limitations with our current capacities and approved developments are going to further tax the system.

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Project: Norton’s Wells 4,5,6 replacement

Amount of Request: $1,475,000

Project sponsor: Town of Norton

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: 166 John Scott Boulevard, Norton, MA 02766

Project description: The Norton Water System is currently running at almost half of its capacity as Wells 4, 5 & 6 require replacement to their original permitted capacity. These 3 wells provide ~70% of the water to the Norton water system. Without them, the Town would not have enough water for its customers. The Wells 5 & 6 project is nearing design completion and requires funding for engineering bid & construction oversight and well infrastructure construction. Well 4 requires test well drilling, permitting, production well drilling & pumping test, engineering design, bid, & construction oversight and well construction. The combined projects would increase capacity by ~1.05 million gallons per day (MGD)—water that could boost housing and mixed-use development in town. All 3 of these wells pump directly to the new $11 million, 2.5 MGD drinking water treatment plant (WTP) to remove iron and manganese. The WTP was placed into operation February 2020 and has provided exceptional potable drinking water to Norton customers ever since. Previously, about 80% of water customers experienced brown water discoloration. The new plant was instrumental in regaining the public’s trust and confidence in the water system. The Town of Norton wants to build on that trust and confidence by continuing to enhance the water system with these much-needed water infrastructure improvement projects, the impacts of which will be realized system-wide. By receiving Community Project Funding for these projects, construction would be expedited and not burden Norton’s current customers with water rate increases to fund these much-needed improvements.

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Project: Plainville Critical Water Needs

Amount of Request: $1,500,000

Project sponsor: Town of Plainville

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: E Bacon St, Plainville, MA 02762

Project description: Plainville’s existing water system is currently over capacity. To meet current and future demand, the water treatment plant needs to be expanded to twice its current capacity. This funding will allow for planned development including The Reserve at Heather Hill, a 384-unit residential complex, and Thermo Fisher, a life sciences manufacturing facility, within the Town to continue. Without the additional treatment capacity, the Town would be forced to halt approval of both housing and business expansions. By doubling capacity at the plant, the Town would be positioned to provide water to planned housing and business projects to allow them to proceed for at least 10 years.

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Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

Project: Attleboro Dye Works brownfield remediation

Amount of Request: $1,500,000

Project sponsor: Town of Seekonk

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: 100 Peck Street, Seekonk, MA 02771

Project description: Nestled in a residential neighborhood, the 7.8-acre former Attleboro Dye Works Site (ADW), includes a fire-damaged, collapsing 101,000 SF abandoned industrial building, which for over 60 years, conducted dyeing processes that used dye fixing agents and waste dye carriers as well as mixed, transferred and stored metals, solvents and petroleum hydrocarbon compounds. The wastewater was then discharged to three, large unlined wastewater lagoons located on-site.  Lagoon sediments are contaminated with heavy metals, PCBs, chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).  These contaminants pose a threat to the nearby public water supply protection area and private drinking water wells as well as the surrounding sensitive riparian corridor. Cleanup of the building footprint and formulating a redevelopment strategy is anticipated to cost $1.5M.

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Project: City of Fall River Battleship Cove Off Street Parking and Pier Improvement Project

Amount of Request: $1,050,000

Project sponsor: City of Fall River

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: Water Street, Fall River, MA 02721

Project description: The City of Fall River, in accordance with a City Council and State approved Waterfront  Urban Renewal Plan recommendations, is requesting EDI funding to (i) relocate two existing Salt Sheds located on state property, combine that property with city owned property to create an additional 200 off street parking spaces and a pedestrian access corridor to abutting public and private attractions and (ii) provide cathodic protection to a recently remediated waterfront pier facility that will be open to the public for passive recreation and transient dockage/boating purposes.

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Project: New Hope New Domestic Violence Shelter

Amount of Request: $2,000,000

Project sponsor: New Hope, Inc.

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: 247 Maple Street, Attleboro, MA 02703

Project description: The funds will support New Hope’s Capital Campaign to build a new domestic violence shelter.  By expanding capacity, New Hope can support approximately 20 additional families per year. (Last year their Attleboro shelter served 17 families via 6 bedrooms.) These are families that would otherwise either become homeless and/or stay in dangerous situations where they would suffer increased physical and mental harm and possibly become a homicide victim. 

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Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

Project:Bristol Community College’s National Offshore Wind Institute

Amount of Request: $2,000,000

Project sponsor: Bristol Community College Foundation, Inc.,

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: 777 Elsbree Street, Fall River, MA 02720

Project Description: Bristol has identified a significant gap in workforce skills and training and needed career pipeline support for the offshore wind industry. The National Offshore Wind Institute (NOWI) was developed in response to address these gaps and industry and supply chain needs including the important Global Wind Organization (GWO) Basic Safety and Basic Technical training required for offshore wind workers. The NOWI will offer GWO and other required accreditations, skill development for the workforce pipeline, and customized private sector training for the developers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and supply chain companies. The NOWI will offer professional development training, focused on skills and competencies required for careers in the offshore wind industry, with connections to the Bristol academic offshore wind associate degree and certificate. The NOWI will also provide entrepreneurs, small businesses, and existing sectors with innovation and business development support. Amount of Request: $2,000,000

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Project: Manet Community Health Center Satellite Clinic in Attleboro

Amount of Request: $500,385

Project sponsor: Manet Community Health Center 

Address including street name, city, state and zip code: 110 West Squantum Street, Quincy, MA 02171

Project Description: Attleboro and the service area’s residents have high rates of asthma, diabetes, and several types of cancer. High blood pressure affects 29% of residents and they utilize area EDs at disproportionately high rates for cardiovascular disease and stroke. Bristol County’s residents experience preventable hospital stays at a significantly higher rate than residents of the state or the nation.  Manet’s Attleboro site will help alleviate pressures on hospitals to respond to primary care concerns, reduce unneeded ED visits, and provide prevention education and screening that will reduce poor health outcomes. Amount of Request: $500,385

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